Dr Robert Loggins - Speaking Request FormThank you for your interest in Dr. Loggins’ availability to be involved in your gathering. He loves preaching God’s Word, he considers it an honor to partner with other followers of Christ in proclaiming the gospel, and he doesn’t take such requests lightly.

At the same time, Dr. Loggins’ primary responsibilities are to love his family well, including his wife, and to lead the R.F. Loggins, Ministry LLC wisely. Dr. Loggins’ leadership responsibilities in the R.F. Loggins, Ministry LLC and AGRM require him to travel a significant amount both domestically and internationally, which then limit his ability to travel for other speaking engagements. As such, for the sake of his family and the other ministries, Dr. Loggins is unable to accept many of the invitations he receives. A team of individuals assist Dr. Loggins in prayerfully considering each request. This team has identified certain parameters that guide their decision-making, including the following:

  • In order to maximize Dr. Loggins’ time away from home, R.F. Loggins, Ministry LLC, and his local church, the team prioritizes larger events where pastors and/or church leaders are present from multiple churches.
  • In order to protect his ministry and provide time for mentoring, Dr. Loggins almost always travels with someone (either his wife or someone else). Therefore, travel accommodations would need to be provided for someone to come with him. Thank you for your gracious understanding of all of the above. If you would like to submit an invitation, please complete the form below as thoroughly, and as specifically, as possible. Your invitation will be reviewed, and we will contact you within six weeks of submitting your request. Regardless of whether or not Dr. Loggins is able to participate, we pray that God will bless your gathering for the proclamation of His Word and the exaltation of His glory.