David Charles Brown, Jr. was raised in an abusive family.  He did not realize how being greatly abused impacted his self-worth.  His family on his mother’s side never kept promises.  However, on his father’s side of the family every word that fell from the lips of his dad were “like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 21:11, NKJV). His dad was a promise keeper. 

Self-confidence can be built or dismantled.  Every child needs to know that his family cares for him.  According to Alli Page’s blog, “The 10 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem and a Lack of Confidence.”[1] Self-confidence can be defined as a belief in one’s abilities and maintaining a sense of competence. On the other hand, low self-confidence can be defined as a lack of faith in one’s abilities and competence.  Self-confidence can fuel success, while low self-esteem can impede it.”[2]

Today, to avoid falling prey to the lures and lies of low self-worth, take these minutes to hear the heart of a man who truly discovered the secret of how God is able to establish and build the confidence of His people.  As you listen to Dr. Loggins today, you will be challenged to take a fresh look at a man who came to realize that his God was indeed a promise keeper. 

God promised Abram in Genesis 12 and He did not allow one word of His promise fall to the ground without producing a harvest of blessings for God’s people.  However, Abram would have never become Abraham if he would not had embraced this one solitary truth:  God is a Promise Keeper.  God kept His promise he made to Abraham.  God always keeps His promises.  David Charles Brown, Jr., embraced the passion of his father’s side and his low self-esteem utterly evaporated like a mist.  David, Jr., said, God, just like my dad, is indeed a Promise Keeper.  So, God sent Jesus and His name is indeed Immanuel (God with us).  Jesus is the Promised Messiah, Matthew 1:23.  He is not only with us, He dwells in us as well. So, Beloveth, do you believe this?  God is a Promise Keeper!

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