Life can be messy. As we see the current events going on in our nation, many people who are perplexed wonder. How is God going to use this mess to make something good out of it, something for His Glory?

As we study, today, Dr. Loggins will show us just how God can take ordinary people some that were very broken and do a work that is truly miraculous. Dr. Loggins is studying in the book of Matthew today, as we look at the lineage of Jesus. We read from Scripture, in the Gospel of Matthew, where God takes the messy, the broken, and dysfunctional genealogical lineage of Jesus’ family history to give to us  the promised Messiah, in the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—the very Son of God.[1]

Today, Dr. Loggins will show us in Scripture, where Jesus came from and where He ended up in humanity. For those that believe and trust that no matter how messy and broken you are, your family situation is, your work environment is, God is preparing you for something far greater than you can ever imagine.  Get this now.  Staying in the Word of God, seeking God in persistent prayer, and staying close to our Lord will develop you and me for the greatness God has in store for us.

As you passionately listen to today’s ATM, Dr. Loggins will remind you that God is always at work.  As a matter of fact, He can do some of His best work through those of us who are profoundly broken, bruised, and bewildered.  However, let us never forget that God can use us best when we feel our good is not good enough.  Remember this.  Our Father is always at work.  So, beloveth, will you allow Him to finish His work in you, as you persist in embracing this reality?  “It’s not where you are now, but it’s where you are going to be for God’s glory.”  God knows our past, our present, and our future despite our messy and sinful past.  So, my sister or my brother, be encouraged, God is not through with you yet!

[1] To fully appreciate the historical life of Christ recorded in Matthew chapter 1, please take a few minutes to read the greater historical context of the sin of David’s son, Amnon (see, 2 Samuel 13).  Amnon raped his sister Tamar, the sister of Absalom (see, 2 Samuel 13:11-15).  Despite King David’s messy life. He was called a man after God’s own heart (see, 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22). Unfortunately, Absalom ordered his men to murder his brother for raping his sister, Tamar (see, 2 Samuel 13:23-38).  It is true.  “Life can be messy.”  Yet, God can still use us.  If we repent of our sins and come back to God.  God is not through with you yet!  Repent and come back to God, RIGHT NOW!

Matthew 1:16, “…and Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ” (NIV).



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