Every Boy Needs a Man and Every Man Needs a Boy

Basketball and books were Josiah’s first love.  His uncle bought him his first basketball and book on the day he turned one.  Josiah slept with his ball under one arm and his book under the other.  He was utterly consumed with books and basketball.  Everywhere he went his basketball and books had to be with him.  Realizing that his nephew loved books and basketball, his uncle Frank decided to purchase him his first library card and his first basketball goal.  It was neither an ordinary basketball goal nor a simple library card.  It was the kind of goal that could be adjusted as he grew and a library card that gave him access to every Ivy League College and University in America.  Josiah not only grew in height and skill but also in intellect. 

At eleven years of age, Josiah was playing basketball on his hometown high school varsity team as well as becoming the captain of his high school debate team.  People would come far and near, just to see him debate, and play varsity basketball.  By the time he entered into the eleventh grade, Josiah was receiving offers from almost every Ivy League School in the Nation to not only play basketball but also to attend the University of his choice on a full scholarship.  People far and near would ask him the same question over and over again.  “How are you able to be both an academic scholar and a spectacular superstar basketball player at the same time?”  Josiah would simply say, “I have an Uncle who just believe in me and he is always cheering me on to excellence and success on and off the court.”  

In the same way, each of us have access to someone who is far greater that an earthly relative.  Timothy had direct access to Paul, who helped him develop and mature.  We too have access to someone who is greater than Josiah’s uncle and Timothy’s Paul. Do you know who this person is?   Today, Dr. Loggins, will introduce you to Him and you will be utterly amazed as to who is the one cheering you on to victory both on the court and in the classroom of life.  As you surrender yourself to God absolutely, you will discover talents, skills, and supernatural abilities that you would have never known, until Jesus provided you, with the access key to His Father in Heaven, who promised to teach us all things to make us successful, secure, and strong.


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