The man awoke with a start and rushed to look at his face in the bathroom mirror. The fog of sleep quickly evaporated as he remembered every detail of his dream. He was standing in the middle of a deserted highway holding only a map in one hand and an empty backpack in the other. He intuitively knew that his assignment was to gather survival supplies as he walked the map’s course. As he began to walk, he could hear the growing murmur of angry voices and approaching traffic. Some cars attempted to run him off the road and many voices told him to go back. As he mustered the courage to continue, the skies began to grow dark and threatening. Yet, each time he began to entertain the thought of turning around, he found a cache of just what he needed–food, water, joy, encouragement, etc.–for that moment. The dilemma that startled him enough to awaken him was when he realized that each time he came upon a needed supply, he chose to walk on believing he could make it on his own.

Does this sound familiar? Our path as believers in Jesus Christ has been determined by God because God is in control. He has supplied for our every need and has given us the roadmap, His Word, that will lead us home successfully. And if we receive His provision for our needs as we continue each day, we can live the abundant life He has promised regardless of our circumstances. As you listen to Dr. Loggins today, you will be encouraged to not only survive these dark days, but to thrive with the sufficiency of our amazing God! As you are encouraged, share with others how to live in the light of His love. Be encouraged! God is in control!

“A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.”
Proverbs 14:29


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