Instant foods begin our days. Hair extensions change our appearance in moments. Headlines from across the world are available instantly. Money traverses the world digitally in seconds. We ask–we receive. This is the culture of our modern lives. And then we are rudely jolted back to reality by an always inconvenient traffic jam, an indecisive shopper, or an internet that seems to balk just as a deadline approaches. These are the times that try our souls! More accurately, these are the times that reveal our souls. We get squeezed by delay or someone else’s priority that infringes on ours and our lack of patience becomes obvious to all.

We hate to wait! Yet, inherent to almost every aspect of life for a disciple of Jesus Christ is the requirement to be patient. Thankfully, because God knows our shortcomings, He included patience in the fruit of the Spirit. As the verse in Proverbs implies however, we must choose; will we be patient or quick-tempered? Will we be people of understanding, or those who suffer the foolishness of their ways? In today’s podcast, Dr. Loggins reminds us that waiting on God, especially during these chaotic days, is not only possible, but is also an avenue of growth and opportunity to see God do what only He can do. Be encouraged! God is in control and He is for us!

A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.
Proverbs 14:29


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