As the weeks of quarantine passed slowly by, many people returned to simpler pastimes like knitting, whittling, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles. The peaceful process of creating a beautiful image piece by piece can be extremely rewarding and relaxing. To be successful, there is one especially important element–the image of the finished puzzle, the goal. Without this goal, any effort to make the pieces fit together is futile. Likewise, a box of random pieces from various puzzles can never produce a complete image. Each of those pieces was created for a different purpose. It is only when the pieces fit together as designed that the beauty of the image becomes clear.

Much like a puzzle, in a perfect world, each society would work together to achieve a peaceful union, a beautiful image of cooperation and unity of purpose. So, what has gone wrong? As Dr. Loggins explains today,  we are not beyond hope. Where sin divides, love can overcome. If we want peace within our families and communities, we must first experience peace with God ourselves. Let us set aside the anger and confusion. God is love and love unites.

Now the whole earth had one language and one speech.
Genesis 11:1


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