To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn). Are you singing that song now? Or how about this…If I could save time in a bottle…and Does anybody really know what time it is? Whether it is a song by The Byrds, Jim Croce, or Chicago, or one of the many familiar phrases about time, people seem driven by something we cannot slow, stop, save, or change. A pastor recently noted that while man marks time, God rules time. Even the wisest man of all time, King Solomon, who had everything a man could want–wisdom, power, possessions, kingdoms, influence, fame–contemplated life and time and came to a sobering conclusion; all of life is futile without God. Solomon knew that there is no external pursuit which can satisfy the internal longings of the soul.

During the slowing of our world due to Covid-19, have you taken the time to consider your life? Do you regret any decisions or choices you have made? Are you tired of chasing after empty dreams that fizzle at the end? Do you feel empty even as you walk through the church doors? As you will hear from Dr. Loggins today, it is time to be honest with ourselves. To be disciples of Jesus Christ, we must count the cost and pay it. Now is the time for excellence, not mediocrity and apathy. Now is the time to fight for our marriages and families. Now is the time to set aside the vanity of our culture and make the most of our days for the kingdom of God. So beloved, do you know what time it is?

To everything there is a season
A time for every purpose under heaven
– Ecclesiastes 3:1


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