Our Nation is in Trouble

A new virus, a paralyzed world, social unrest, and violence – what else will the year 2020 hold for us? While there are many stances and opinions flying like flaming arrows, there is one thing we can all agree on: our nation is in trouble. While many people look to our government for answers, the people of God know that there is only one solution, one remedy and that is God Himself. Have you seen enough strife and chaos? Are you ready to obey His Word so He can heal our nation? Only God can change our situation. Only God can heal, restore, and renew.

In this ATM (A Teaching Moment), Dr. Loggins passionately reminds us of God’s promise to heal found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, IF His people obey. He presents the steps necessary to ignite a nation-wide revival and spiritual awakening. God is calling us to pray. Beloved, do you believe that God has the power to heal this land? Will you seek God until He does? God keeps His Word; will you?



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