When a man or woman puts on scrubs, we assume that they are medical personnel. When athletes wear helmets and shoulder pads, we assume that they are on a football team.  What we wear often illustrates choices we have made in life including the decision to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Would you be surprised to know that God has given us His armor to wear? And if armor designates a soldier, then there must be a war going on, right?

There is a war raging this very minute for the soul of this country, the Church, each family, and every man, woman, and child.**   If you need evidence, just open your eyes and ears.  The evidence of war–weapons, attacks, victims, division, destruction–is everywhere, but do not be fooled into thinking the enemy is a political party or someone of a different race. Our enemy is Satan, and the powers of darkness, whose schemes and tactics are meant for our destruction, but praise be to God, He has already won the victory through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! God has not left us to fight this defeated, but determined, foe without proper attire.  As you will hear from Dr. Loggins today, God has given us the armor of overcomers and champions; God’s design so we can ‘dress for success.’ If you want to win against this enemy, take hold of God’s armor and let Him transform your battles and your life. This world needs to see us stand in victory. What will you be wearing today?

**Because of the crisis state of our country, please share this podcast throughout your social media pages and via email. May God hear our prayers and have mercy across this land!


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