It is June 2020, and like so many other people, are you shaking your head and wondering what has happened to our country? Anarchy, rampant violence, and a seeming loss of civility within many groups is evidence of a growing change; but as the skies darken, those who live as disciples of Jesus Christ shine ever brighter. Today’s culture no longer allows a place for apathetic Christianity as it declares judgment on any that contradict its mantra of the day. Having an opportunity to stand for the cause of Christ has never been easier, but it is also much more costly in the United States than ever before.

As a disciple of Jesus, are you willing to count the cost and still follow? Every day Believers have multiple opportunities to choose Christ or to choose man; to live with power, or live in chaos; to live in liberty, or live enslaved to this world. There are multiple challenges a disciple must face, and it is time to settle these issues once and for all. This world needs Jesus and Dr. Loggins presents powerful teaching on how to live victoriously among a lost and crazed world. Will you model Jesus to them or fall in step with them? Now more than ever, this country needs the light of Christ.


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