Life is full of lessons from teachers of all sorts. The most memorable lessons come from people who understand how we learn best – from association; using the familiar to illustrate a new concept. God uses this method through His prophets in the Old Testament and through Jesus’ use of parables in the New Testament. Who can forget the story of the Good Samaritan? In today’s ATM (A Teaching Moment), we learn of Hosea’s comparison of unplowed farmland to the condition of the human heart.

Hosea was sent by God to let His people know that He saw their complacent, idolatrous hearts. They no longer sought God first or were concerned with obeying Him. The results were disastrous, yet out of His mercy, He sent Hosea to sound an alarm. If they would return to Him, He would forgive and bless them. In 2020, we need to hear the same alarm. It is time to seek the Lord! We need real, deep change that transforms hearts and lives. In this ATM, Dr. Robert Loggins will help you examine the state of your heart so you can experience the revival and spiritual awakening God longs to bring to His people once again. Our needs are great, but our God is greater.



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