“AWAKEN! Video Equipping Series” is all about God.  God is always more than enough. Chapter 3 is entitled “A Sovereign God.”  This 3rd Chapter is Lesson/Episode: 5in the “AWAKEN! Video Equipping Series.”  Given that Chapter 3 is on “A Sovereign God,”it is impossible to celebrate God’s sovereignty without understanding “God’s Authority”. As you study Lesson 5 in the “AWAKEN! Video Equipping Series,” realize that God demands genuine repentance if we are going to be blessed.

“Unrepentant people are those who place themselves above the power and the presence of God’s authority” (AWAKEN! p. 19). It is extremely unwise to believe that there is no need to repent. Repentance is the gracious wide-open door to unmerited deep life change. The deeper one’s life is in Christ, the richer is God’s divine authority.

Be very wise and beware of Lucifer’s malevolent tempting tactics. Lucifer takes delight in seeking to usurp the authority of God. Lucifer has been referred to as “The Shining Morning Star.”  Listen to what Lucifer says about himself when it comes to operating beneath the authority of God. First, Lucifer is not a rule follower. He always seeks to do his own thing. Lucifer says, “I will ascend.” “I will sit up.” “I will sit on.” “I will ascend above.” “I will make” (AWAKEN! p. 20). Lucifer is always trying to take authority over the authority of God. He (Lucifer) seeks to do his own thing.

Lucifer or Satan does have authority but he does not possess, “Absolute Authority.”  Jesus said to His disciples as He ascended to heaven, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me” (Matthew 28:18). Jesus doesn’t ever have to worry about competing with Lucifer. Jesus is in a league all by Himself. In the same way, since we are children of the Most-High God, we too are capable of taking authority over the power and the presence of the Evil One—the Devil—Lucifer—the Deceiver.

Are you struggling in your prayer-life? Have you given up on what prayer can do? Do you feel dry deep within your soul? Would you like to make a change? If your answers are yes, then you are on the right path—the path of taking authority over that which seeks to take authority over you. God is with you. You will “AWAKEN!” If not, then it’s time for you to wake up! Wake up to what God desires in your life! AWAKEN! Ignited by the Power of Prayer.

Blessings Upon You!





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