Have you called, emailed, texted or tweeted a friend or two to study with you in the“AWAKEN!  Video Equipping Series?”  If not, you still have time to do it.  Now, let’s dive into Lesson/Episode: 4, “An Extraordinary Season.”  As you study Chapter 2 in AWAKEN!  Ignited by the Power of Prayer, “Don’t expect spiritual change in any community without the power and the presence of prayer” (AWAKEN! p. 17).

Elevating the effectiveness of one’s prayer life demands time with God. Time with God produces heart change. Never forget just how important our hearts are before God. The heart is not simply key, it is critical. If the “AWAKEN!  Video Equipping Series” fails to change your heart then, “Why spend all this time engaging in utter futility?” Don’t waste your time missing what God has in store for you. God has a plan for each and every one of us. However, we must take Him at His word as we enter into “An Extraordinary Season”in God’s divine presence.

Our hearts do matter to God.  “A heart that is sold out to Almighty God is one where the eyes of the revival and spiritual awakening seeker are utterly focused and consumed by God’s power and presence” (AWAKEN! p. 17).

Listen. Are you spending time each day seeking God? Are you practicing the spiritual discipline of abiding in God’s presence as a lifestyle?  Are you truly seeking God? Are you experiencing an extraordinary season of experiencing the fullness of God? If you are then that’s wonderful. However, if you are not, then why not? You will never obtain God’s best until you take your study seriously. AWAKEN!  Ignited by the Power of Prayer is not to be taken lightly.  Keep studying even once the online study concludes.

Blessings Upon You!





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