In the first, “AWAKEN Video Equipping Series,” the Spirit of God instructed me to challenge you to take your prayer-life to the next level. Going to the next level in your prayer life is a matter of personal choice. It is a matter of agreeing with God. God wants us to always seek getting to the next level in order to deepen and expand our spiritual walk with Almighty God—Himself. Next level spiritual engagement almost always demands a litany of encounters with God. These encounters speak to a number of life-changing matters that must be evident in the prayer-life of every dedicated disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. First and foremost, there is a “God’s Quickening” encounter.

This is then followed by “An Extraordinary Season” of experiencing the nature of God. Third there is the necessity of understanding the sovereignty of God: “A Sovereign God.” Immediately following the uniqueness of the sovereignty of God emerges what is identified as: “Times of Refreshing,” “Awakening God’s People,” “The Cessation of Backslidings,” “An Extraordinary Results,” “Saturated Saints,” “Holy Restoration,” “Defeating Darkness,” “Uplifting Scripture,” “Defining Sin,” and finally concluding with the urgency of “Seeking an Outpouring” from the Holy Spirit of God. These things are all found in AWAKEN  Ignited by the Power of Prayer. It is a must read for every serious disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you ready for an outpouring of God’s supernatural power? Are you ready to deal with your personal sin? Are you ready to be saturated, restored and filled with the endless power and presence of the Spirit of God? The “AWAKEN Video Equipping Series” will provide you with the opportunity to defeat darkness with light, fear with faith and hurt with hope. As you engage in this dynamic interactive video study, ask the Lord to saturate you with the power and presence of His Holy Spirit. AWAKEN: Ignited by the Power of Prayer.

Blessings Upon You!





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