“The material in this book comes out of many years of experience in witnessing the power and presence of God through spending time with God on my knees. Spending time with God is prayer. Prayer is more than words; prayer is a spiritual discipline driven by the Holy Spirit of God. It is an urgent call to AWAKEN the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to what really matters most. The time is now for the church to experience a spiritual realignment. A spiritual realignment means making God’s agenda the church’s agenda” (AWAKEN p. 13). By reading and studying AWAKEN will help you experience an authentic spiritual realignment in your prayer-life.

Then, you will find yourself experiencing a closeness to God that you have never known before. This is what happened to me, as I wrote AWAKEN God awakened me to experience the freshness of His presence in a vibrant way. It is my prayer that God will do the same thing for you, as you engage in the “AWAKEN Video Equipping Series.” AWAKEN: Ignited by the Power of Prayer is a D-LIFE Network production.

Blessings Upon You!





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